Meet Our Supporting Staff

Our professional staff is compassionate, knowledgeable, and utilizes the latest technology to provide exceptional medical care. Our veterinarians and veterinary technicians continue to supplement their educations, and together with other staff members offer a wealth of knowledge and experience in the care of your pets. All of our staff cares deeply about our patients.

Practice Manager:

Jennifer Young

Jennifer was born in Norfolk VA and grew up moving coast to coast, from one navy base to the next. She graduated from Virginia Tech with a BS in Biology and an MS in Cardiac Therapy. She continued doing cardiac testing and management while completing her second MS in Healthcare Administration. In 2012, she switched up her career by becoming a veterinary practice manager. She is very passionate about the clients and their pets, treating the pets as if they were her own and is the Director of the Great Pyrenees Rescue! She can say with pride that Crossroads Animal Care Center has this same outlook on veterinary care.

Client Service Representatives (CSR):

Candice Kohl - Lead Client Service Representative

Candice is from Tacoma, Washington, but grew up in Northern Virginia. She graduated from Woodbridge Senior High School. She’s worked at Crossroads Animal Care Center since November 14, 2008, but began her veterinary experience working as a Kennel Assistant in Baltimore. She came to Crossroads Animal Care Center as a Vet Assistant and now works as the Lead Client Service Representative. Her favorite thing about working at Crossroads Animal Care Center is being surrounded by animals that she loves, including me and my brother Cayden!

Maryanne Quigley cat for website

Marianne Quigley

Marianne was born and raised in Denmark. She’s had multiple dogs all her life and currently has 4 rescued cats, including us kittens as the most recent! She has owned birds, domesticated as well as wild ones that she has rehabilitated. She has worked at Crossroads Animal Care Center for almost a decade! She loves working in the Veterinary field because she is surrounded by people who have the same compassion for all animals that she does.

Veterinary Assistants:

Nor Bonilla - Lead Veterinary Assistant

Nor was born in Arlington, Virginia and grew up in Lorton, Virginia. She’s been working in the Veterinary field for 3 years now. She came from an Emergency hospital before joining the team here at Crossroads Animal Care Center and is their Lead Tech. Her favorite thing about Crossroads Animal Care Center is how much of a community it is, and how familiar the staff is with every pet that comes in along with their owners.

Jessica Hoy

Jessica has been with Crossroads Animal Care Center since October 2014. She recently received her A.A.S in Veterinary Technology from Northern Virginia Community College! Her favorite part of the job is getting to know the different pets and their owners that come in. She has always had a love for animals and enjoys being able to help them every day. Jessica and her fiancé have a full house with their 2 dogs, including myself and Lexi, 3 cats named Smokey, Chloe, and Asher, and finally a guinea pig named Zeus. It is no question that she loves us all!

Anna Nguyen

Anna grew up here in Virginia, loving all animals from fish and hamsters to rabbits, cats, and dogs. She has been in the animal field for about two years now, learning more and more each day. She started as an assistant who was only allowed to room appointments and worked her way up to learning pharmacy and now working as a treatment tech. Next step, surgery! Her favorite thing about Crossroads Animal Care Center is the staff team; they have taught her so much and continue to teach her so much on a daily basis. Everyone, including the vets, learns something new every day from one another and continue to grow as a team.

Anne Parrish

Anne was born in San Diego, CA but raised in Northern Virginia. She’s always had a passion for animals and has been an Assistant at Crossroads Animal Care Center since late summer of 2008. She couldn’t imagine working at any other animal hospital! She currently has me, a 14-year-old border collie/terrier mix named Sahara, along with my brothers and sisters who include a 2-year-old lab/Pitbull mix named Willy, a 9-year-old domestic short hair cat named Simba and a 5-year-old domestic short hair cat named Meeko. She knows that we are all in good hands here at Crossroads Animal Care Center!

Shanoa Byrd, OSHA Specialist

Shanoa is a Virginia native and grew up in northern Virginia. She has been in the veterinary field for 6 years now, give or take. Her one year anniversary working at Crossroads is coming up in November 2018! Crossroads Animal Care Center has become a second family to her. The team is always willing to give knowledge and support. She has learned so much from her coworkers. Her experiences will continue to expand her knowledge to better take care of me and other pets!

Lizzie Riggs

Lizzy Riggs

Lizzy was born in King George County and grew up in Centerville, Virginia. She started working as a Vet Assistant in 2012. She loves all animals and does not discriminate! Her favorite thing about Crossroads Animal Care Center is the compassion of her coworkers towards every patient that walks in the door.

Amada Merritt for website

Amada Merritt, Marketing Specialist

Amada grew up in Fairfax County and graduated from Northern Virginia Community College with an Associate’s Degree in Social Sciences. She spontaneously rescued me 4 years ago while living in Richmond, Virginia and we’ve been inseparable ever since! She’s had a love and passion for animals for as long as she can remember and thoroughly enjoys working with animals. Her favorite thing about Crossroads Animal Care Center includes the growth and learning opportunities presented to her on a daily basis. Amada wants to return to school and complete her Bachelor’s and eventually a Master’s degree in Animal Behavior!

Riley edited

Kristen Link

Kristen was born in Occoquan, Virginia.  She has been in the field since 2009. She likes to spend her time with me, Riley, breeding Chinchillas, working on cars, and taking care of her 1 1/2-year-old son.  We have lived in VA, CO, LA, and now we are back in VA permanently.

Animal Caretakers:

Kaylee Fulkerson, Kennel Lead

Kaylee was born and raised here in Woodbridge, Virginia, and has been a client of Crossroads Animal Care Center her whole life, starting with her mom’s cat. Now I come with my sister, Kisses, to receive the best possible care. Before she began working as an Animal Caretaker, Kaylee volunteered at the Prince William County Animal Shelter for three years. She loved every minute of volunteering and currently loves working here at Crossroads Animal Care Center. Her favorite thing about it is the wonderful staff that treats all of the pets like family, including her own!