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AcupunctureWe are happy to add acupuncture to the services we offer to our canine and feline patients at Crossroads Animal Care Center. Acupuncture is the insertion of very thin, sterile needles through the skin at biologically relevant points in the body.

Acupuncture works through a variety of pathways; some acupuncture points follow channels alongside major nerves or blood vessels, while other points exist where nerves enter or exit bone or muscle. Through these points, acupuncture can access a variety of biological mechanisms, including those in the central and peripheral nervous system, to regulate pain and help the body heal and balance itself.

Acupuncture can be an invaluable tool in managing both chronic and acute pain, orthopedic issues, and neurologic issues, such as disc disease and lumbosacral stenosis in cats. However, the range of conditions that can be treated is broad, and include internal medicine conditions such as chronic kidney failure and inflammatory disorders.

Dr. Fernandes specializes in acupuncture and is sure to give your pet the best possible experience. She is certified through Curacore and performed her acupuncture certification in Colorado. Her training is based on neurophysiology and anatomy within the science field.

AcupunctureThere are specific points in the body that stimulate nerves and vessels that she will use to make your pet feel better by affecting pain pathways and his/her immune system. Other techniques she will use include massage and trigger point release (myofascial release). She also has experience using a few herbal supplements and is happy to research other supplements for your pet as needed.

Client Testimonials:

“We were amazed watching Phoebe during the process. When [Dr. Fernandes] inserted the first needle you could immediately see the relaxation. Phoebe had previously been hit by a car, but [after the first session] she finally started relaxing her shoulder and arm. Her eyes have gotten bigger and brighter and she seems more engaged. She’s been flying up the stairs. There is physically and mentally continued improvement. [Dr. Fernandes] really focused on the interaction of what Phoebe was telling her. Astonishing. Wow just wow. Because of the first time, we got an 8 [treatment] package and it is by no means a waste of money. She’s feeling better and has improved quality of life. How can you put a price on that?”

-Mrs. Agnew

Acupuncture“We decided to bring Martha Raye for the acupuncture consult because she is an older Great Dane with lots of aches and pains. She had started dragging her hind feet on walks where she left her nails bloody stumps. We had been making her wear booties to protect her back paws for over a month. She also would poop while walking instead of squatting. Our hope was to give her some relief. After the consult with Dr. Fernandes, it was decided that she could benefit from acupuncture treatments. To our surprise, she showed amazing improvement after just one treatment. She was able to squat again which meant her back was not hurting her as it had been. Also she has been able to take her walks without her booties. It is nice to see she has gotten her spring back in her step.”

-Mrs. Williams