Advanced Medical Care

Advanced Medical StaffAt Crossroads Animal Care Center we incorporate state of the art equipment to provide exceptional care to our patients. From Radiology and Ultrasound to our Dental Services and Lab Equipment we have the ability to pursue multiple avenues of in house diagnostics to give your pets the best care possible. We see each pet as an individual and make our clients part of the decision making process for their pet’s medical treatment. At Crossroads the doctor will take their time developing a treatment plan that is appropriate for your pet based on the presenting conditions.

Our doctors are able to perform a wide range of Pet Diagnostics and Surgeries. Taking a strong approach towards preventative medicine, the doctors at Crossroads Animal Care Center strive to keep your loving companions by your side as long as possible. Because of the relationship that we strive to create between doctor, patient, and client we are an appointment only facility. This enables us to spend an appropriate amount of time with you and your pet at a convenient time frame for you.

Sometimes a pet will need to be referred to a specialist to treat complex conditions.Advanced Medical Staff Our veterinarians consult with these veterinary experts on a regular basis to help treat and diagnose these conditions. We work well with all area specialists including surgeons, oncologists, cardiologists, and even alternative or holistic medicine practitioners.