vet laboratory


We have access, both on-site and at our centralized reference laboratory, to perform extensive diagnostic testing. Routine testing allows for early detection of diseases, parasites and other health problems often before your pet exhibits any symptoms. Crossroads Animal Care Center’s in-house laboratory helps the medical team develop a complete diagnostic picture of your pet.

When your pet is sick physical exams may not reveal all the symptoms your pet is experiencing. Our advanced diagnostic laboratory is capable of performing tests for dozens of laboratory values with results available in just a few minutes, allowing us to diagnose and treat a wide range of illnesses, quickly and accurately.

We recently completely updated our laboratory with the addition of a new comprehensive blood chemistry analyzer and a complete blood count analyzer. With the addition of these machines we have been able to overhaul all of our surgical packages and reduce the costs of certain routine panels for owners. Currently all of our surgical patients receive a basic blood chemistry with electrolytes and a complete blood count (CBC).

We also welcome the addition of a video microscope to our practice. At Crossroads client education is a routine part of our practice’s process to develop individualized treatment plans.