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Woodbridge Pet Wellness Care

Preventative Care for Pets

We all wish pets could live as long as people do, and although we can’t make that happen at Crossroads Animal Care Center, we can help them live happier, healthier lives. To do that, we recommend that you bring your pet in for a comprehensive wellness exam at least once a year. However, exam frequency may vary, depending on age and health status, among other factors.

During each wellness exam, we examine your pet from nose to tail to ensure they’re healthy or to treat any issues if they’re not. Our goal is not only to treat illness but to prevent it, which is why we place a strong emphasis on preventive care. We discuss our recommendations for vaccinations, parasite control, and nutrition, among other topics related to preventive care.

If you have any questions or concerns related to your pet’s health or behavior, we encourage you to let us know about them during the exam. Call (703) 972-5927 today.

Your Pet Can’t Tell You When He Feels Sick

Frequent examinations and early testing are the keys to preventative veterinary care.

Our Wellness Programs include a complete head-to-tail, hands-on evaluation of your pet’s body, organs, and systems. We add special tests to assess your pet’s blood, urine, bones, respiratory and circulatory systems, and key organ functions.

We also offer thorough and tailored recommendations on how to prevent illnesses and extend quality lifetimes:

  • The best food for your pet and how to prevent weight-related diseases such as diabetes
  • The right medications to prevent fleas and ticks
  • The latest drugs to prevent heartworm disease in both dogs and cats
  • A customized set of vaccinations for your pet to meet his or her specific needs
  • An expert assessment of your pet’s teeth and creation of a plan for routine cleanings and care
  • Strategies to manage behavior issues, including equipment, medicine, and training
  • Breed-specific and hereditary health recommendations

With annual wellness exams, you can stay up-to-date on all your pet’s health and take measures to prevent possible complications in the early stages.

Preparing for Old Age

Like people, animals will have increasing health problems as they get older. They may have a harder time picking themselves off the ground or controlling their bladder. Another benefit of these wellness visits is that you can start preparing for these changes. You can make life easier for yourself and your pet by getting your pet accustomed to a new schedule designed to accommodate oncoming health problems before they majorly interrupt your pet’s life.

Schedule your pet’s wellness exam today. You can contact our Woodbridge veterinarians online or call us at (703) 972-5927.

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