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Woodbridge Microchipping

Keep Track of Your Pet Even When Separated

Your pet may already have an ID tag, but a microchip provides a permanent form of identification to increase the chances of a safe recovery, should your pet ever become separated from you. Crossroads Animal Care Center is proud to offer the HomeAgain microchip, which is accepted internationally.

About the size of a grain of rice, each microchip is encoded with the pet owner’s contact information and can be scanned by most pet shelters nationwide. As a result, microchipping has helped thousands of lost pets become reunited with their owners every year. For your convenience and that of your pet, this quick, painless procedure can be performed simultaneously with another procedure such as spaying/neutering.

Reasons to Microchip Your Pet

Microchipping your pets is crucial for their safety and reunification if lost. At Crossroads Animal Care Center, our dedicated veterinary team offers expert microchipping services, ensuring a seamless process to provide a lasting and reliable identification method for your beloved pets.

  • Permanent identification: Provides a permanent and unique ID for your pet.
  • Reunification: Increases the chances of finding and reuniting with a lost pet.
  • Quick identification: Allows for faster identification than tags, especially if lost without a collar.
  • Vet records: Links to vital medical information, aiding in proper care.
  • Legal proof: Serves as legal proof of ownership in some cases.

Make sure your pet can always be found. Call (703) 972-5927 to schedule a microchipping appointment in Woodbridge today.

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